Ultimate Digital Planner | 2023, 2024, 2025 + Undated - PINK

Ultimate Digital Planner | 2023, 2024, 2025 + Undated - PINK

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The UltimateΒ Digital Planner has been created with maximum productivity in mind while maintaining a clean and minimal design. It is a detailed planner with lots of hyperlinks for easy navigation and quick access to any related section in only one click.
Get it now and start changing your life.
βœ” FULLY HYPERLINKED - Every date, week, month, year, and shortcut is clickable
βœ” Daily, Weekly, Monthly & many Trackers pages to improve productivity
βœ” Horizontal Orientation for maximum use of space
βœ” Includes hour time blocks, to-do list, notes, and quotes section
βœ” Includes over 30 Templates to duplicate and use at any time
βœ” Instant download: Receive your planner instantly!
βœ” Minimalistic, spacious design with soft tones
βœ” All pages can be easily duplicated and/or removed.
βœ” Pink Tab Colors
βœ” Compatible with Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, etc.

Order your copy today and start planning your best year yet!


βœ” 2023 ( Jul-Dec) Digital Planner
βœ” 2024 Full-Year Digital Planner
βœ” 2025 Full-Year Digital Planner
βœ” Undated Full-Year Digital Planner
βœ” 4 Tab Color: option: Rainbow, Pink, Boho & Black
βœ” 4 Weekly Planner Layout options (Boxed, Horizontal, Vertical & Scheduled)
βœ” 2 Daily Planner Layout options (Structured & Minimal)
βœ” Choose Sunday and Monda


βœ” Packing List / Grocery List
βœ” Trip Planner
βœ” Trip Itinerary
βœ” Meal Ideas
βœ” Meal Planners
βœ” Password Tracker
βœ” Outfit Planner
βœ” Cleaning Log
βœ” Movie Log
βœ” Birthday
βœ” Recipe Log
βœ” Kitchen Inventory
βœ” Contacts

βœ” Habit Tracker
βœ” Sleep Tracker
βœ” Mood Tracker
βœ” Dream Tracker
βœ” Dream Analysis
βœ” Reading Log
βœ” Reading Tracker
βœ” Wheel Of Life
βœ” Custom Planner

βœ” Water Tracker
βœ” Step Tracker
βœ” Workout Log
βœ” Fitness Log
βœ” Progress Tracker
βœ” Doctor Visits
βœ” Symptom Tracker
βœ” Pain Tracker
βœ” Vitamin Supplement
βœ” Period Tracker
βœ” Medication Tracker
βœ” Custom Planner

βœ” Order Tracker
βœ” Expense Tracker
βœ” Saving Tracker
βœ” Wish List
βœ” Subscription
βœ” After Pay Tracker
βœ” Monthly Finance
βœ” Yearly Finance
βœ” Bank Information
βœ” Bill Tracker
βœ” Debt Tracker
βœ” Yearly Financial Overview
βœ” Checkbook Register
βœ” No Spend Challenge
βœ” No Spend Recap

βœ” To-do lists
βœ” Project planners
βœ” Meeting minutes
βœ” Goal planners
βœ” Time trackers
βœ” Daily routine
βœ” Quarterly planners
βœ” Promodoro tracker
βœ” Study session
βœ” Appointment tracker
βœ” Vision Board

Monthly Templates (for each month- Jan to Dec):
βœ” Monthly Reflection
βœ” Monthly Budget
βœ” Monthly Finance Tracker
βœ” Monthly Expense Tracker
βœ” Monthly Sleep Tracker
βœ” Monthly Habit Tracker
βœ” Monthly Time Tracker
βœ” Monthly Review Page

Blank / Checklist / Lined / Wide Lined / Lined 2 Column / Lined 3 Column / Lined 4 Column / Lined Cornell (With Summary) / Lined Cornell (No Summary) / Lined Cornell Right Narrow (No Summary) / Lined Black Cornell (With Summary) / Lined Blank Cornell (No Summary) / Dotted / Wide Dotted / Grid / Wide Grid / Grid Blank Cornell (With Summary) / Grid Blank Cornell (No Summary) / Left Half Blank Right Half Lined / Left Half Blank Right Half Grid / Left Half Lined Right Half Blank / Left Half Grid Right Half Blank / Top Half Blank Buttom Half Lined / Top Half Blank Buttom Half Grid / Blank Cornell (With Summary) / Blank Cornell (No Summary) / Blank 2 Column / Weekly Grid (Horizontal) / Monthly Grid (Vertical) / Yearly Grid

𝗙π—₯π—˜π—˜ 𝗕𝗒𝗑𝗨𝗦

βœ” Goodnotes Stickers Book
βœ” 250+ Planner Covers
βœ” 950+Precropped png stickers


Works with iPad and Android Tablets.
Supported Annotation Apps: GoodNotes, Notability, and Xodo
Apple devices: Goodnotes App
Android App: Xodo App
WIndows App: Xodo App


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